You took Statistics 101. Now what?

When you took statistics in school, your instructor gave you specially prepared data sets , told you what analyses to perform, and checked your work to be sure it was correct. Once you left the class, though, you were on your own. Did you know how to create and prepare a data set for analysis? Did you know how to select and generate appropriate graphics and statistics? Did you wonder why you were forced to take the class and when you would ever use what you learned? That’s where Stats With Cats can help you out. The book will show you:

  • How to decide what you should put in your data set and how to arrange the data.
  • How to decide what graphs and statistics to produce for your data.
  • How you can create a statistical model to answer your data analysis questions.

The book also provides enough feline support to minimize any stress you may experience.

Charlie Kufs has been crunching numbers for over thirty years, first as a hydrogeologist and since the 1990s, as a statistician. He is certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt by the American Society for Quality and is a Certified Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania. Charlie currently works as a statistician for the Federal Government and he is here to help you.

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  1. Charlie Young says:

    Quite happy to have stumbled across Stats with Cats but was really after a working email address. As the leper with the most fingers here, I have a question regarding how censored data were handled in a legacy spreadsheet.

    Charlie Young

  2. Sandro says:


    Very nice blog! I really liked the article “Ten Fatal Flaws in Data Analysis”. And the pictures of cats of course 🙂 I have posted about your blog on Data Mining Research: http://www.dataminingblog.com/learn-statistics-with-your-cat/


    • Thank you, Sandro. The book comes out about January 15. The “Ten Fatal Flaws in Data Analysis” blog came from Chapter 24, Grasping at Flaws, Which is about how to comment on a statistical report if you don’t know a lot about statistics.

  3. Sandro says:

    Perfect! Thanks for the update.

    • My contact at Wheatmark tells me that they can ship to Europe but their online shopping cart makes it seem impossible. If you want to go that route, you can call or email the Wheatmark bookstore at orders@wheatmark.com. However, it would be cheaper to order it through Amazon UK as the printing and shipping is less expensive. I think the shipping from the U.S. might cost as much as the book. I’m hoping to see Stats with Cats on Amazon in a month or so.

  4. Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

  5. Luiz Antonio Carraro says:

    Hey! That’s a very nice blog! Ill be posting on my blog about your blog soon.

  6. dakotagrrl says:

    Enjoying your blog posts- keep ’em coming!

  7. I could’t help but giggle when I came across your blog. I just did a “project” involving cats and stats, although I’m a bit nervous to share it b/c you might take issue with my math 🙂 You can see it at http://catpeediaries.com I look forward to hearing back and seeing how I did on my math!

  8. me says:

    No offense mate, but guys like you ought to be in the classroom. We ought not to let individuals of your caliber enjoy retirement removed from the young minds that (whether they now know it or not) need your experience to help separate the signal from the noise. Even just a cursory look at your site shows a profound joy and clarity about this area, hued with just enough quirky edutainment. Here’s hoping for a soon-to-come trip to your local school as a teacher’s aid. A deep, calf-splayed bow to you sir! –Cheers

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